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ME-TIME Pass is a unique service offered only by Konjiam Resort, where users can efficiently manage their slope times by selecting the times they wish to ski instead of purchasing a pass based on the time of day.

The ME-TIME Pass was named that way with 'Me' as the prefix to stress that users can use it according to their very own schedule, rather than picking pre-determined times (morning pass, afternoon pass, night pass, etc). It is Korea’s very first lift pass service that allows users to enjoy the slopes as much as they want during Operating hours.

ME-TIME Pass users can enjoy skiing/snowboarding as long as they want without needing to arrive at a certain time.

How to use the ME-TIME Pass

  • Issued ME-TIME Pass are valid until 04:00 the following day (e.g., 4 hour ME-TIME Passes can be purchased until 23:00 and 6 hour ME-TIME Passes are available until 21:00).
  • The usage time of the ME-TIME Pass is calculated when users pass the lift gate and do not include maintenance times (pass can be used after the maintenance period).
  • Additional time provided for ME-TIME-Passes
    e.g., 2 hour ME-TIME Pass: additional 10 minutes
    3 hour ME-TIME Pass: additional 20 minutes
    ME-TIME Pass for more than 4 hours: dditional 30 minutes
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