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Venue & Hall


Inquiry table - The field of charge, E-mail adress
The field of charge E-mail adress
LG affiliates / professional technical services
(law, accounting, corporation)
Pharmaceutical medicine theski@dnocorp.com / doyoon@dnocorp.com
Manufacturing / University theski@dnocorp.com
Distribution services / finance / overseas travel agency doyoon@dnocorp.com
A public institution entpgus1@dnocorp.com
Association / Association / Small Meeting / Elementary,
Middle and High Schools Premium Camp
Religion / Broadcasting / Press Agency kimmy@dnocorp.com
A recreation center kjc007@dnocorp.com / kimmy@dnocorp.com

Premium service and banquet halls with a variety of sizes.

The Konjiam Resort provides award-winning meeting venues with impeccable services to realize the most memorable meetings and events for our clients. Every occasion such as corporate-wide celebrations, product launches, interactive team-building activities or private board meetings will be carefully tailored. Our exclusive meeting places offer the latest high-technology equipment. Wireless internet service is available to facilitate your business.


  • 35mm Slide Projector
  • Cable modem
  • DVD Player
  • Digital Projector
  • Flip Chart and Markers
  • LCD Projector
  • Lectern
  • Microphone
  • Modem Lines
  • Overhead Projector
  • Stage Lights
  • VCR
  • Whiteboard

Banquets and event service provided with the high-technology system

We have sales managers who specialize in unrivalled knowledge and rich professional experience in assisting meeting planners and arranging programs. These experts will make every meeting or event success and the most memorable time of your lives.

This is a table that shows the present condition of each Venue & Hall composition - Division, Room Name, Area(m2), Seating Capacities (Group, Classroom, Banquet Rounds of 8 or 10), Location
Division Room Name Area (m2) Seating Capacities Location
Group Classroom Banquet Rounds
of 8 or 10
Large Banquet Hall Grand Ballroom 452 450(Theater) 320 300 EW Village B2F
Large Conference Hall Convention Hall 245 200(Theater) 140 120 EW Village B2F
Auitorium(2 Rooms) Opus 1 96 - 48 - EW Village B2F
Opus 2 160 96
Middle Banquet Hall Conference L1 119 64 - EW Village B1F
Conference L1 119 64
Conference L3 88 48
Conference L4
Conference L5
Conference L6 50 EW Village B2F
Conference L7
Conference L8
Small Banquet Hall
(9 Rooms)
Conference M1 70 30 - EW Village 1F
Conference M2 46 24
Conference M3 43 24
Conference M4 44 24
Conference M5 40 24
Conference M6 42 24
Conference M7 58 30
Conference M8 61 30
Conference M9 117 28 40
278, Docheogwit-Ro, Docheok-Myeon, Gwngju-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea

Tel +82-2-3777-2100

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